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Available Options

  • 12” Fixed Leg Posts. Galvanized. Set of Four
  • 24" Fixed Leg Posts. Galvanized. Set of Four
  • 36" Fixed Leg Posts. Galvanized. Set of Four.
  • 12" Ball Pivoting Leg Posts. Galvanized. Set of Four
  • 36" Ball Pivoting Leg Posts. Galvanized. Set of Four


Our sporting clay station is designed to function in remote areas where power is unavailable, in all types of weather and terrain, The stand can ship with the clay trap mounted or can be field mounted on site.

Easily Move Your Shooting Clay Station Anywhere You Please

No longer worry about the hassles of moving your stations around and having the wooden pallet bases fall apart during the process, giving your staff un-needed headaches and work to do. Shotcoa’s all-in-one station is made to make your life easier and allow you to change your sporting clay courses with ease and creativity.


The industrial, adjustable solar panel recharges the battery that powers the trap machine and the remote controls, leaving you a hassle-free station that can go where you want it to.


Industrial Strength Steel Sporting Clay Base 

  • Dimensions: 72” W x 96 L.
  • Sturdy, long lasting frame.
  • 4-way forklift accessible from the bottom.
  • Entire frame is professionally galvanized to protect from wear, impact, weather and corrosive environments.
  • The decking is made of long-life composite materials in order to provide years of maintenance free use.

Portable Wheel System and Towing Kit.

  • Two wheels with steel handle connections and towing post and hitch included.
  • Can easily be towed into position by an ATV.
Battery and Solar Power Galvanized Stand.
  • Includes 5’ tall Stand with Battery Tray and Solar Panel Bracket for up to 20” Panels.
  • Solar panel bracket moves up and down and rotates 360 degrees, providing easy accessibility to direct sunlight. Can be moved and installed to all four corners of the base.
50 Watt Solar Panel (24” x 20”) with Pre-Wired Control Box Battery and Solar Panel.
  • Control Box is tightly sealed and intended for indoor/outdoor use.
  • Plugs and voltage regulator included. CUL Certified.

(4) Galvanized Leg Posts

  • Sturdy Base has adjustable, telescopic legs in order to position the stand on to the exact height desired.
  • Ball Pivot option automatically adjust to uneven or sloped areas • Adjustable Leg Post on 12” x 12” Steel Pad. • Supplied with a locking pin.
  • Available heights: 12”, 24” and 36”
  • Easy to install. No tools required.

Dog House Frame and Cover

  • Perfect for keeping your machines protected from weather, animals, insects, nests, etc. 
  • Frame bolts to the same plate the clay shooting machine is on, allowing it be moved front and back, side to side, all the way to the edge of the base.
  • 48” x 72” Steel Frame is made from 1” x 3” tube for long lasting durability. 
  • Green PVC cover comes with standard hinge slider assembly for a snug seal.
  • Designed, built and wired all at our facility in Aurora, IL.
  • All steel structures are guaranteed for life.
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